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November 2019

So, This Happened.

Jennifer_Quail_AD_12-04-19_SN8108 - Copy

So, after many tries (four different on-line tests followed by four different in-person auditions) I made the callback! I will be appearing on Jeopardy! on December 4, 2019. (Check your local listings.)

And now, how much dark suspenseful horror can I get done before a turkey coma sets in?

The Fun of ARCs!

Nothing like opening your e-mail to see a notification that the ARC for the anthology your story is in is available! I can’t wait to see what Hollow Hills Books has done with “Storm-Spun” and what else is going to be along with it.

And it’s a good day for writing, since we’re currently going through Snowpocalypse Now here. The sun IS out, the goats are freezing, the drifts are over the Corgi’s head, but it’s a nice day to stay inside with more of my August Uncommon teas (not sure whether to fire up another cup of Golden Arrow or switch to Passage), writing Gorey-inspired suspenseful horror. Though it would be nice if the sun kind of went away for a bit to set the mood a little better. Bright sunshine’s killing the winter-isolation vibe here.

However that wasn’t a request for more snow out there. 12″ is more than enough, thanks.

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