Jennifer Quail is a cook, public historian, far-too-frequent Quora content writer, keeper of cats, dogs, and a duck, obsessive Star Wars fan, owner of fractional parts of functioning racehorses and the entirety of a retired one, and author of the Omens in the Night series, including Strange Roads, The Demon that is Dreaming, and the forthcoming A Hot and Copper Sky, and of the Joszef Kiraly: Gentleman, Vampire stories, all available at in paperback and for Kindle.  Other works are sent to probably-annoyed anthology editors in the hopes someone will eventually just pay real money for one, and other book-length projects are currently underway with a mind to properly selling them, too.

She also devotes time to the even-less-profitable business of fan fiction, most notably the Girl Genius fan fic On Her Undying Majesty’s Secret Service and the Star Wars: TIE Fighter series, of which the second entry, TIE Fighter: Command Decisions, may hold the distinction of Longest Time Between Chapter Postings in History (chapter 10 posted in August of 2001, chapter 11 was posted in November 2015.  There’s no way to prove this is a record, but she likes to think it is.)  For those who like unauthorized and dubiously-legal fiction set in franchise universes, her fan fic can be found here.  Remember, whether you buy it or whether it’s just for fun, reviews are love and also like crack cocaine to authors.

She enjoys painting, coffee (especially Murdered Out from Black Rifle Coffee Company), drawing, telling people about archaic and antique things, spinning with a hand spindle and weaving the results, complaining about difficult project, crafts or assignments and them completing them perfectly well anyway, being stubborn about liking fictional characters and interpreting movies her own way, and not writing about herself in the third person like she’s had some kind of psychotic break.