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June 2020

I Get Interviewed by a Real Writer

As mentioned earlier, I did a very fun Zoom interview with Ken Levine, who probably wrote some of your favorite sitcom episodes (especially if you like Cheers.) The first half of the interview is live now on Hollywood and Levine!

We’re All Fine Here. How are you?

Now that we’re back to somewhat of a normal schedule, complete with having to go to work, of course I’ve got more motivation! Mostly, I’ve been procrastinating (and procrastibaking.) Hoping to get more writing done, now that I’m not sitting around running out of things to binge watch and discovering Audible. (Crime and Punishment is much easier read aloud.)

However I did some chatting in the new Zoom world. Coming later this week, I had the exciting and flattering experience of being interviewed by Emmy-award-winning writer and Jeopardy! fan (and Jeopardy! clue)  Ken Levine for his podcast Hollywood and Levine. It’s a lot of talk about Jeopardy, quizzes, and a few plugs (like my story in Tales of the Siblings Not-So-Grim) Maybe even a hint about what I’ll be working on now that lack of time provides motivation! The first episode will drop midnight, Thursday 25th. I’ll post a notice on my Facebook as a reminder when it’s live.

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