Blog would imply that I’m going to write about me, which I suppose I am in the sense I am writing about things which interest me.  But this is not the kind of author’s blog where I’m going to talk about the process of writing and pretend to offer sage advice.  Nor am I going to talk about the seriousness of my craft and its significant meaningfulness and the deep emotional investment and trauma required by “the craft.”  Frankly I’ve got books to write and anthology deadlines I’m trying to meet.  And I’ve never met a successful full-time writer who writes fiction who is prone to deep philosophical discussions of the craft.

But they say that authors ought to have blogs, so I figured if I’m going to leap on the bandwagon, I might as well write about things that interest me and which might give any interested parties a look into how this particular writer’s mind works.  Topics may include but are not limited to why I always seem to like villains, painting and drawing as note-taking, food in fiction and my pet peeves thereof, what my adorable Corgis are doing, tales from the day job (where I often get to party like it’s 1799) and sometimes, excerpts and comment on my own work.  Writing and otherwise.

Featured Image: The Road After Dark, acrylic on black canvas, 2014.  This is my road as seen on a winter night, based on what I see when I walk the dogs.  Not necessarily as might be seen by others.